• 12 Level Resistance Rower by- SF-RW5619

12 Level Resistance Rower by- SF-RW5619

$125.20 $170.38 ( 27% off )


  • Independent resistance adjusts on right and left row bars
  • Full motion arms allows for larger range of motions for the shoulders
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars provide optimal comfort and support

Get the right equipment for a great workout. The 12 Level Resistance Rower is designed to give a very effective rowing experience. The rower is equipped with full motion independent resistance arms, that will challenge both right and left sides of the body. The 12 levels of resistance will increase or decrease the intensity of the workout as simple as turning the knobs to the desired level. A fully padded seat and non-slip grip handle bars provide optimal comfort and support. Large anti-slip foot pedals with easy to use adjustable straps make sure foot is secure to enhance the leg drive mechanics during the rowing action. Monitor your workout progress with the easy to use digital monitor, that tracks time, speed, distance, and calories. Never miss a workout, get on it and start receiving the benefits of exercise today.

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