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  • 1650W Induction in Black (Built-in/Countertop)

1650W Induction in Black (Built-in/Countertop)

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Micro-Induction Cooktop provides the best in cooktop performance, safety and efficiency. Induction heats as electricity flows through a coil to produce a magnetic field under the ceramic plate. When a ferromagnetic cookware is placed on the ceramic surface, currents are induced in the cookware and instant heat is generated due to the resistance of the pan. Heat is generated to the pan only and no heat is lost. As there are no open flames, inductions are safer to use than conventional burners. Once cookware is removed, all molecular activity ceases and heating is stopped immediately. Features and Functions: 9 power settings (100-300-500-700-900-1100-1300-1500-1650W)*, 13 Keep Warm settings (100-120-140-160-180-190-210-230-250-280-300-350-390 degree F), Up to 9 hours and 59 minutes off- timer, Micro-crystal ceramic plate, Automatic pan detection, LED panel, ETL, * Note: With unit's lowest possible power at 700 watts, the 3 low power settings cannot be actually achieved, but are "simulated":, 100W = 700W intermittently heats for 1 seconds and stops for 6 seconds. 300W = 700W intermittently heats for 3 seconds and stops for 4 seconds. 500W = 700W intermittently heats for 5 seconds and stops for 2 seconds. Specifications: Input voltage: 120V / 60Hz, Power consumption: 1650W, Power range: 100W to 1650W, Temperature range: 100 degree F to 390 degree F, Color: Black, Dimension (W x D x H): 11.75 x 14.8 x 2.5 inches, Net weight: 6.2 lbs, Gross weight: 7 lbs

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