• Benzara Vintage & Old World Charm 27"H Metal Glass Lantern in Black

27"H Vintage Metal Glass Lantern in Black By Benzara

$40.42 $45.28



  • Style derived from ancient forts
  • Minute detailing
  • Fine iron body with heat resistant glass shade
  • Size: 7" W x 27" H
This elongated beautifully detailed lantern is best if you stay in an ancestral house or like the vintage style of decoration. The body of the lantern is built of polished iron in dark metallic which looks magnificent when lit. Covering the light is a strong heat-resistant glass that prevents the metal from heating up. The structure of this splendid lantern has been inspired clearly from ancient forts. The meticulous tomb-like structure at the top of the lantern looks amazing. The top also holds the small round ring which is used to hang the lantern on a height. The lantern is undoubtedly more than just a product of utility. with its beautiful design and a great robust body, this lantern is also suitable to be hung on the porch or the terrace and it gives a soothing serenity to the surroundings.
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