• Impressive Piece of 28-Bottle Wine Rack by Winsome Woods

28-Bottle Wine Rack by Winsome Woods

$69.14 $94.08 ( 27% off )


  • It is Mustard Yellow color in appearance
  • One of the Best Rack for placing Wine Bottles

The remarkably large Wine Rack is the best piece for placing bottles. The Rack in large in size and takes less space. It has a flat wooden plank on the top and has a long plank attached vertically on both sides for support. The astonishing part of this rack is the design of wine holder. It is a zig-zag structure such that it holds the tip of the bottles tightly and safely. The zig-zag bars are on both the sides such that the bottles can be placed horizontally over it.

The Wine Rack is the heart of any party! What is a party without wine! It is an ideal rack used while entertaining people. It can also be kept in the house. Most of the people have wine sections in their house either in their living room or separate smaller rooms. Such Wine Racks can be placed there with bottles placed safely on it.

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