• 28460 Aluminum Table Clock 4"W 6"H

28460 Aluminum Table Clock 4"W 6"H

$25.37 $28.42



  • Dimension: 4x3x6
  • Color: Silver
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Antique themed
  • Ideal presenting option
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Are you looking for a distinctly styled table clock for your sweet home? Then watch out for this vintage looking Aluminium Table Clock made from quality materials. This Table Clock is crafted in a circular shape, this clock features shiny silver hue finish that doubles up its allure. It will serve its basic function of displaying time and will also be a great decorative for the tables. Keep it in your lobby, living room, bedroom or study. It is sure to blend well with traditional or modern themed house. It will stay in great condition for years together. Easy to clean and maintain, it just requires dusting with a soft cloth.

Apart from getting this timepiece for your abode, present it to your near and dear ones who wish to own one such table clocks. So, get it soon as this Table Clock is indeed worth owning!

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