• 3 Square Shaped Granville Corn Husk Baskets

3 Square Shaped Granville Corn Husk Baskets

$51.31 $69.81 ( 27% off )


  • This 3 corn husk baskets measures 11.02 inch (width) x10.24 inch (D) x9.06 inch (H)
  • Chocolate colored baskets
  • Two comfortable handles
Make life easy by bringing home these three corn husk baskets which have two comfortable handles. These three baskets can be kept together or one in one room. However, that depends on your choice. With these baskets, you can simply dump in anything you wish too. Apart from dumping you can also make use of these baskets to keep things in an organized way. If you find your house too messy, these baskets can help you in a great way.
Such baskets can be kept anywhere as they are compact. You can choose to keep them outside or inside your wardrobe. These baskets look very simple but are quite elegant. You will no more find your house in a pool of mess with these three baskets. You can very easily carry them with the two handles. Cleaning the basket too is very easy and can be done from time to time. Lastly, if you wish to gift your friend's something useful, simply parcel these baskets.
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