• 34" Rust Color 6 Leaf Tier Floor Fountain

34" Rust Color 6 Leaf Tier Floor Fountain

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Fountains always help in accentuating the look of any outdoor space in the best way. Get this splendid 34 Rust Color 6 Leaf Tier Floor Fountain and take the look of your outdoor space a notch higher. It is crafted from long lasting iron. This fountain features a tripod stand with a plate at the top. Beneath this plate are six small bowls crafted in cascading pattern. With the help of a pump, water streams down from the plate at top into the bowls in a beautiful pattern. Place it in the garden or lawn area, entryway, drawing room or patio, this fountain is sure to be the centerpiece of them all. Multiple water streams flowing down this fountain creates a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. It is easy to relocate this fountain as and when required to freshen up the ambiance. Friends and family setting up their new house can be suggested to include this in their home. .

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