• 4D Concepts Alluring Piece of Slate Round Table

4D Concepts Alluring Piece of Slate Round Table

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  • This slate round table measures 27.6 inch (W) ? 27.6 inch (D) ?29.5inch (H)
  • The alluring round table is Brown color in appearance
  • One of the best place to place artifacts

The Brown in color round table is a unique piece of table with a peculiar charm to it. It has a big round surface which a slate designs. It is supported by 4 long rods which has an inward C shape. These 4 rods are bounded by a circular structure which has a plus sign inwards. This unique design gives an alluring look to the table. The edges of the table are plain surface with smooth shiny appearance.

The round table can be used for various purposes. You can place it in your kitchen as serving table. It can also be kept in the living room with beautiful artifact and flower vases placed on it. It can also be kept in the house garden with pretty flower pots kept on it. The metallic surface makes it easy to clean and maintain. So why Do not you use such an interesting piece of Round table? Come and grab one for yourself!

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