• 4D Concepts Marvelous Piece of Metal Rack

4D Concepts Marvelous Piece of Metal Rack

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This piece of Slate Bakers Rack is marvelous looking with its beautiful design. The Rack is long in height and is spacious. It can be used to place books as well as the artifact. The bottom layer has a smooth plane surface. The layer above it is like grills followed by a smooth layer again on top of it. The rack has a zigzag design which makes It special. It has a small in size support at the bottom which is strong enough to bear the weight of the rack.

You can place it in your study room to place books on it. It can also be kept in the living room with books as well as few artifacts on it. This will surely give a different look to your living room. It has a metallic surface, hence very easy to clean. Also, it has small width hence it takes less place and can be kept anywhere with ease.


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