• Benzara 53011 Metallic Acrylic Guitar 36"H, 12"W Reflective Wall Table decor

53011 Metallic Acrylic Guitar Reflective Wall Table decor

$41.03 $45.96




  • Easy to clean
  • Portable wall decor
  • Can be fixed on side table also


It is hard to achieve completion stage in home decor without using unique concepts for wall decoration. Whether it is house or office, we see wall decorative hangings commonly. To make this aspect really supportive and impressive, metallic handmade art is being used extensively worldwide by the interior consultants and decor enthusiasts who always want to have latest. Such affordable decor items can be used in any room, corridor, waiting for lounges and lobbies etc that too in table mount manner also. 53011 Metallic Acrylic Guitar is the recent arrival in this category to upgrade anyplace decor. The beautifully crafted Guitar is made of metallic wires and environment-friendly acrylic.

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