• 632115 Vario Click Pearl Induction Fry Pan 10"

632115 Vario Click Pearl Induction Fry Pan 10"

$133.99 $186.66



The premium induction diffuser bottom is sprayed on with a patented sonic speed process that ensures the complete merging of the magnetic steel with the aluminum base. The inside cooking surface and exterior is coated in an extreme scratch-proof and heat-resistant Pearl ceramic coating...pure beauty that can go from over to table! Pearl ceramic coating is PFOA, FPTFE and PFOS FREE and contains no Cadmium. The molded side handles and the removable pan handle ensure perfect oven use, up to 750?F without handles and lids. Removable handles make storage easier and saves space. Sophisticated and professional technology for your kitchen! Vario Click Pearl Induction is backed by a limited lifetime household warranty and is Made in Germany.

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