• Polystone BIRD STANDING ON 15"W, 8"H

79991 Polystone Bird Standing On Nest 15"W, 8"H

$43.01 $48.18




This cute looking bird on a nest is sure to attract many of your winged friends on no time the moment you keep it in your garden or verandah. Featuring a bird standing on one edge of the nest, it has a natural brown matte finish. Its texture is rough and you can use it as a bird feeder or indoor decors. In the garden, you can keep it o the stool or at the edge of the fountain. In the patio, you can keep it on the railing. Keeping it on the window sill is also a smart option. Make it a part of your living room, bedroom or kitchen interior. This type of wall decor goes with all style of interiors.

Maintaining and cleaning this bird decor is simple, regular dusting will do the needful. With this cute looking bird decor in your hand, you can add spark to tabletops and countertops. If this amazing, pleasing bird decor has seized your attention, get it now!


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