• Benzara 80984 Metal Bar Stool Decor 28"H 17"W

80984 Metal Bar Stool By Benzara

$107.44 $120.34




  • Adjustable height
  • Anytime addition to personal bar
  • Stress resistant
  • Long lasting


We use many items to make the specific spaces more usable and comfortable besides making them beautiful. If you are fond of hosting parties or like to enjoy special moments alone sipping the drinks, do not let the opportunity go waste. The hot sensation in bar furniture category 80984 Metal Bar Stool is available a heavy discount but for few days. The height of this bar stool can be adjusted up to maximum comfortable level of user. This round shape 80986 Metal Bar Stool is made of sturdy steel pipe structure with three supports bent artistically. All the three legs are connected with a metallic ring and triangular joint for extra sturdiness.

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