• 88481 Reindeer- Natural-Left

88481 Reindeer- Natural-Left

$56.87 $63.70



Do you love reindeers? So what if you cannot keep one at home you can always bring home a reindeer figurine, this one here is one that will sway your heart in your very first look. Made from good quality materials it is sturdy. In a natural wood matte finish, this reindeer is so well crafted that it looks no less than a real one. Keep it in the garden to portray and it would look like its grazing on the fresh grass there. Indoors you can keep it beside the armchair for a dramatic touch. You can also keep it at the entrance to welcome guests.You can also recommend this figurine to animal lovers. It is one such figurine which is high on quality and low on maintenance. So, put an end to your thoughts and bring this reindeer figurine home.


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