• 88482 Reindeer- Natural-Left

88482 Reindeer- Natural-Left

$34.99 $39.19



This sitting reindeer figurine would be a great way to make a dull setting lively. Well constructed from good quality materials it will stay in prim condition for ages. Brilliantly crafted it has a natural wood matte finish. Keep it in the garden, or anywhere indoors and it is sure to attract everyone in no time. Also, the antlers are well shaped. Keep it besides the fountain in the garden or under a tree. You can also keep it in the patio and entrance door. Moving it is an easy task and can be done according to your need and convenience. From getting it to your house, you can gift it to friends on special occasions. They will be glad to own it and will thank you for the same. This reindeer figurine will certainly make your dwelling an entertaining place from kids and elders. So, bring it home right away!


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