• 88485 Reindeer- White-Left

88485 Reindeer- White-Left

$47.35 $53.04



A look at this reindeer figurine and you would never want to take your eyes off it as such is its grace and beauty. Made from good quality materials, it will stay in shipshape condition for a long time. In a sitting position, the artist has crafted It iso well that it looks no less than a real one, in a matte white color; it will get well along with all types of home themes. This animal figurine can also be kept in restaurant and office lobby areas for some visual interest. Wherever placed, this reindeer figurine will start up conversations and very soon become the talk of the town. Easy to clean and maintain, wipe it with a soft damp cloth at frequent intervals. You can also gift it to friends who love reindeers. So, bring it home or gift it, the choice is yours!


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