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  • Adjustable S. Steel Pet Double Diner for Dog (U Design) - 3 Qt - 96 oz - 12 cup

Adjustable S. Steel Pet Double Diner for Dog (U Design) - 3 Qt - 96 oz - 12 cup

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Iconic Pet Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Diner is high in quality, durable and easy to clean The height of individual bowl can be adjusted seperatly to different levels This adjustable pet double diner features two stainless steel bowls that fit securely in a sturdy frame made of Wrought Iron Bowls height can be easily adjusted to different heights with the help of screw clamps and special lock system that holds pet dishes in place Adjustable height of the bowls allows the diner to grow with any dog, so he can eat comfortably at any age Elevated feeders reduce stress and strain on muscles and improve digestion of your pet Anti skid rubber bottom provides stability and reduces noise while feeding your beloved dog This Iconic Pet Stainless steel dog feeder is rust, scratch, chew and odour resistant Iconic Pet Stainless steel double diner can be assembled in minutes! These bowls height can be adjusted easily with the twist of a knob Simple, yet elegant, this raised double diner looks great with any decorStainless steel double diner bowls are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
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