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  • IMAX Adorable CKI Elnora Wall Mirror

IMAX Adorable CKI Elnora Wall Mirror

$234.10 $262.20

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Have you been looking for wall mirrors to complete your wall decor? You need not search further. Take a look at this rectangular wall mirror which is perfect for you. This stylish mirror demonstrates high quality workmanship with a simple yet classic design. The thick wooden frame is made from quality material will remain in pristine condition. The distressed finish will add an artistic appeal to the room wherever placed. Ideal for both traditional and modern themed homes, this mirror will capture the imagination of your guest coming home. it is a must have for very home. It will not only give you a clear but perfect reflection very time you look into itMaintaining this wall mirror is very easy; just wipe it off with a clean dry or damp cloth at regular intervals for it to get back its shine.


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