• Adorable Metal Glass Acrylic Coffee Table

Adorable Metal Glass Acrylic Coffee Table

$298.29 $334.09




Good as a center table or a console table this versatile coffee table will be a great inclusion in your home sweet home. Made from good quality materials it will stay in prim condition for ages. This coffee table is short and has a glass panel. It is supported by acrylics legs which are dyed in white golden color. Use it to display a decor or enjoy your snack table as its top panel offers enough space to accommodate glasses and snack plates. Friends visiting will instantly fall in love with this table and enquire about the same to you. Also, you can keep moving it indoors and outdoors according to your need.

Wiping it with a dry cloth regularly will keep it away from dirt. You can also recommend this table to close ones who have been looking for one. If you find this table ideal, bring it home right away!

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