• Adorable Mochrie Terracotta Dove Hurricane

Adorable Mochrie Terracotta Dove Hurricane

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Cast a warm glow with a vintage touch as you bring this dove Hurricane home. Made from quality materials, it will remain in prim condition for years together. The Dove shaped holder has a white distressed finish. The open at the top offers space to keep a single glass hurricane. Keep any colored candle in it and watch its light spread warmth and positivity everywhere. Neatly edged, you can keep it on the side table, wall ledges indoors. Outdoors keep it on the railing or on any table in the patio. Wherever placed, it will not go unnoticed. This hurricane is unique and can also be presented as gift to near and dear ones. They will be glad to receive a hurricane like this one. Also, very easy to maintain, if you are captivated by the beauty of this accent piece, bring it home now!

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