• Adorable Winslow Porcelain Dog

Adorable Winslow Porcelain Dog

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If you are an artistic person at heart and if you adore dogs then this creative figurine will seize your spirit. This Winslow Dog figurine is crafted from quality porcelain and has a glossy finish to it. This dog figurine is in sitting position and it’s creatively engraved. In pure white color, this dog looks adorable and worth making it part of your home interior. This dog figurine can be part of your indoor as well as outdoor decoration. Adorn it in the corner of your house, on top of the mantel, console etc.

If planning to place it outdoor, position it next to the main door entrance. Place it in your garden on the rock. This adorable dog figurine can be excellent gift, which you can gift to your children or loved ones. Easy to maintain and clean. If you liked it then you must buy it!


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