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  • Aldridge Fashionable Satin Nickel Lights Pendant

Aldridge Fashionable Satin Nickel Lights Pendant

$76.33 $103.87

Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


  • This light pendant measures 24.01''H x 25.98''W x 25.98''D
  • This light pendant weighs 13.55 lbs
  • Perfect for homes

This pretty satin nickel framed pendant light suits easily all kinds of modern home interiors. Such lights are very common and used often because they spread brightness all around. This light has a little trumpet fashioned white glass that makes it glow better throughout the night. You can choose to establish this light in your living room or bedroom according to your convenience.

This light is perfect for home use and apart from using it for inside reason you can furthermore choose to fix it in the porch and terraces localities. Your room will no more look boring and lifeless with this light established in there. Furthermore, this light verifies to be a large gift concept. If you find your ceiling very dull you can make it bright and intriguing by installing this pendant styled light. This light on the whole is something very unique and indeed not worth, missing. So, get one soon.

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