• Amazing 2 Piece Metal Lantern Set

Amazing 2 Piece Metal Lantern Set

$89.56 $100.31



These are some classy old school lanterns in elegant yellow color. These are some antique looking lanterns which will go beautifully with your vintage themed home decor. It has sophisticated designs and will work amazingly for your decor. These lanterns can be placed on the shelf, console table, side table, end table or accent table. These lanterns will look great in your, bar or restaurant. lanterns are practical pieces of home decorand can be used in the balcony, patio or you can hang them outdoors in the garden. These lanterns will look stunning at any place and facelift the ambiance of any space.These are durable and sturdily crafted decorative pieces which will remain in prim condition for many years to come. It is very easy to clean them and all you have to do is wipe them with a dry cloth and you are good to go.

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