• Amazing Burlap Natural Chindi/Rag Rug by VHC Brands

Amazing Burlap Natural Chindi/Rag Rug by VHC Brands

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  • Burlap Natural Chindi/Rag Rug dimensions (inches): 27 x 48
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Spot clean only

What is important in a rug is its look and feel. What the rug is made form can also become a reason for it to be praised. The Burlap Natural Chindi/Rag rug deserves praise on similar grounds. Made from Chindi or rag like materials, this rug is simple brown in color and plain in design. But its feel, grip and texture deserve praise. Use this rug in your bedroom or the passageway. Use it when you sit together with a couple of friends and play a game of cards, or for any other fun activities.

Also, this rug has been made using quality materials. This ensures that it will last in great condition for years to come. Easy to fold and to store, this rug indeed is a winner on every count. You can also gift it to someone on a special occasion. Or just buy one for your own home. Its use and it comfort is sure to amaze.

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