• Amazing Metal Propeller Wall Decor

Amazing Metal Propeller Wall Decor

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Are you fond of aeronautics? If yes you will definitely want to bring home this propeller wall decor. Made from good quality iron, it is sturdy and will last in good condition for years. This propeller is washed in white and has a distressed finish, the blades are neatly edged and it will look amazing on a dark colored wall. Make it a part of your clung room, bedroom or any other place of your choice and it will certainly lift up the look of that room in no time.

You can also gift it to your friends who are fond of such decors. They will be eager to hang it on their home wall which is sure to give them an on board experience. Light in weight, it is easy to relocate. You can thus keep shifting its palace according to your need and convenience. If you find this propeller wall decor perfect for your abode, get hold of it now!

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