• Amazing Wood Shell Wall Mirror

Amazing Wood Shell Wall Mirror

$48.62 $54.46




Beauty as its best this wall mirror will make the dullest wall appealing. Made from good quality materials, this wall mirror will remain in good condition for a long time. In a square shape, its frame has a mosaic pattern. The look f the mirror itself speaks about the efforts put in its making. Fix it on the living room wall, entryway or bedroom. If you are planning to change your dresser mirror, you can replace it with this one. if you plan to gift it to you friends you can simply wrap it and present it to them, they will go wow looking at it and will appreciate your gifting gesture.

With this wall mirror you can stop worrying about making your walls visually interesting. Easy to maintain and indeed a smart way to deck up walls as well as doors, do not miss getting this one home.


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