• Amethyst Glass Gem 3"W, 13"H

Amethyst Glass Gem 3"W, 13"H

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Accentuate your empty tabletops with unique decorative?s and change the look of the entire place instantly. Presenting here is this beautifully crafted ceramic metal glass gem. The gem is uniquely shaped from superior quality ceramic, attached to it is a brass metal rod that is further connected to a glass stand. This glass stand is broad at the bottom and tappers towards the top, the flat base offers this complete table decor sturdiness wherever placed. Place it on any side or center table in the living room, dining room or bed room to add newness to it.

Let It is tand alone or place it among other artistic decorative and it will not fail to impress its onlookers. Cleaning and maintain this metal glass gem is simple, wipe it off with a dry or damp cloth at regular intervals to keep It is parkling and dust free.

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