• Amethyst Glass Gem 6"W, 5"H

Amethyst Glass Gem 6"W, 5"H

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This ceramic glass gem is one which you would want to bring home to make any tabletop in your house look attractive. Made from good quality materials, this ceramic glass gem will stay in good condition for years. Featuring a purple colored stone stacked on a flat glass base. Keep this on any table and it is sure to lift up its look as this decor is light in weight, you can keep shifting it from one place to another. You can place this decor on any tabletop of your lobby, living room, bedroom or study. It needs dusting with a dry cloth from time-to-time to maintain it properly. It would give your living space a customize look as this decor is one of a kind.

It can also be considered as a gift option forLove ones who are looking for a revamp in their houses. Indeed this decor is worth owning. So get It is oon!

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