• Amethyst Glass Table Decor 6"W, 4"H

Amethyst Glass Table Decor 6"W, 4"H

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This pair of bookends will not only keep books in order by will also make the book shelf look adorable. Made from good quality materials, this bookend pair will stay in prim condition for ages. This set features a flat glass base on which is stoneware in black, purple and white colors. It has a rough texture and looks unique. You can keep books amidst these bookends or use these as table decor and it will certainly steal the show in your house, near and dear ones visiting will go wow looking at it and will appreciate you for bringing it home.

Light in weight you can easily shift it from one place to another. You also need not think twice before bringing it home as it is been made to suit all types of home themes. So, if you feel this bookend pair can be a great decor and also organize books, bring it home!

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