• Appealing Guerrero Terracotta Jars - Set of 3

Appealing Guerrero Terracotta Jars - Set of 3

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These jars will make a statement wherever placed. Made from good quality materials, these will remain in supreme condition for a long period of time. These three jars are similar in looks but differ in size. In a multicolor distressed finish, these are in the shape of big pitchers with curved side handles. Keep these under the tree in the garden to make it look attractive. You can also arrange these three in the patio. Indoors, position one in a corner or keep it in a row on any short side table. These three jars can also be used to store liquids. Fill it with water or juice which can be later used to serve guests and friends. These jars can also be recommended to close ones who love art and would love to own jars like these. Easy to clean and maintain, find these jars worth owning, bring these right away!

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