• Argolla Large Oversized Mexican Pottery Vase

Argolla Large Oversized Mexican Pottery Vase

$175.77 $196.87



A must have for every vase collector; this oversized vase will be a stunning inclusion in your dwelling. Made from good quality clay, it will stay in prim condition for a long time. Inspired from traditional Mexican clay pottery it is dyed in off white and features asymmetrical shapes. Featuring a hollow, this pretty vase can be adorned on any side, center and accent table. Outdoors, you can keep it on the floor in the patio. Making it a part of office and restaurant lobby areas too is a smart option. Guests would simply love it in your hsoeu and will shower praises on it.Wiping it with a soft dry cloth at frequent intervals ill keep it away from dust. Also, wrap it well and gift it to close ones on special occasions, they will be glad to own it and will thank you for your gifting gesture. So, are you getting it?


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