Armour Helmet Pickle Hause, Iron

Nautical and Pirate. The credit to design Pickelhaube helmet goes to King Frederick William IV of Prussia. It got popularity in later half of 19th century. The initial design was inspired by Russian military helmets that had feathery plume at top. When King Frederick William IV introduced Pickelhaube helmet to Prussian military on 23rd October, 1842 he was asked to make some changes; accepting the advice, he replaced the pickle at top with iron spike. Besides sharp metal spike sticking at top of, another great attraction of Pickelhaube is its forehead plate symbolically marked with information about state, city, regiment's province and house etc. A curved projection has been provided to protect the nape of neck. Stores dealing in medieval armor items offer variety of medieval helmets but Pickelhaube German Helmet is unique. Pickelhaube German Helmet is made of high quality brass. Its size is standard fit for most of the people. A leather strap with buckle facilitates the user to fix is conveniently. Complete information about the wearer is engraved on the artistically crafted forehead brass plate. The sparkling pointed spike at the top attracts the attention of everyone. The high quality of polish over this medieval helmet keeps it sparkling like a diamond in medieval collection years after years protecting it from environmental and ageing effects. These are rarely used now; therefore, the historical importance of Pickelhaube German Helmet has increased too much. Historical collectors love to have Pickelhaube German Helmet in their collections; as its presence adds extra value to their collection.

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