• Arresting Piper Small Blue Etched Vase

Arresting Piper Small Blue Etched Vase

$78.46 $87.88



Charming vase like this is made to beauty your house in better way. This Piper Small Blue Etched Vase is simple, stylish and will suite range of home interior. This vase is in small height and its cylindrical shape. This vase is made from glass and dyed in blue hues. This vase has attractive Etched deign on it that enhances its beauty. This vase can be simply decorated on any table top or converted into flower vase. Add your favorite flower to this vase and place it on side table, end table, mantel or study table.
You can utilize this vase to organize by sturdy table by keeping stationery items. This vase can also be included in kitchen where in you can keep spoons, knifes in it and offer organize look to the kitchen counter. Find it useful then get it home!


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