• Attractive Luna Short Blue Frosted Vase

Attractive Luna Short Blue Frosted Vase

$36.01 $40.34



Well molded at the base, this semi cylindrical vase will be in limelight wherever positioned. Made from good quality glass, it will stay in prim condition for a long time. Shaded in beige and sea green hue, it has distressed finish, the texture of the vase is however rough. Different than the vases you must have seen before, it will lend a creative touch to tabletops and countertops. Keep it as it is or you can put in small stemmed flowers. Keeping it along with other vases will lend a coordinated look. You can arrange similar types of vases on the side table in the entryway to make it welcoming. Guests will definitely exclaim wow after seeing this beautiful arrangement, Compliments are sure to shower in. So, get set to receive all praises as you bring this vase.


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