• Attractive Metal Gold Wall Mirror

Attractive Metal Gold Wall Mirror

$62.32 $69.80




This amazing wall mirror is one decor which you would want to bring home the moment you look at it. Well made from quality materials, it will stay in prim condition for many years. This mirror has a round frame in chrome silver with a ribbed pattern. The mirror is at the center. Both the frame and mirror has a golden border which gives it a royal touch, you can pair it with your dresser or fix it on a wall or door of your choice. Wherever fixed it will give a new look to that room. This decor would be ideal for wide plain walls. Indeed this mirror decor is one such which will win you compliments from many.

This mirror decor can also be presented as gift to close ones on special occasions. They would fall in love with it and will thank you for the same. This mirror is very easy to clean and maintain as well. So, are you getting it?

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