• Attractively Styled 15' Hammock Steel Stand by Alogma

Attractively Styled 15' Hammock Steel Stand by Algoma

$135.23 $187.77 ( 28% off )


  • This 15' Hammock stand measures 180"Lx48.25"Wx 44"H
  • Weight: 53.0 lbs
  • Green powder coated finish

Desire to put up a hammock in the lawn outside your dwelling? Now you can get a hammock and rectify it on this durable stand which is constructed of 100% steel and has a green powder encased complete. This stand is easily flawless for hammocks as it can withstand the heaviness of an individual very effortlessly. You can carry this stand along while journeying too as it is quite portable. While you are on a trip with family, you can convey along this stand with a hammock and rectify it in any place outside or inside.

This hammock stand it made of good quality materials which will hold it in good condition for a long time. Apart from utilizing it outside you can furthermore use this stand inside in your dwelling room. With this stand you will be adept to rest in your hammock and have a long nap or enjoy your vacation in a comfortable manner.

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