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  • Augusta Oversized Glass Vase

Augusta Oversized Glass Vase

$150.65 $168.73

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A charming blend of style and sophistication, give your interiors a quick makeover. This gorgeous Addison Glass Vase is an attractive piece of home decor for any contemporary themed home. This vase has elegant shape with a translucent base and turquoise hue with hints of white and green. This is brilliant work of craftsmanship by skilled glass blowers; it is crafted using good quality artisan glass it will remain in pristine condition for years. This vase will look classy as stand-alone decor, keep it on any side table, mantel or shelf it will look adorable at any place. Easy to maintain just clean it with a soft dry cloth at regular intervals and it will shine as good as new every time. Just wrap it and gift it to your near and dear ones it is ideal gift for any occasion.


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