• Barrington King Quilt Scalloped 97x110

Barrington King Quilt Scalloped 97x110

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Quilts have their existence since many ages and still have that same charm. This Barrington king quilt is one which you would love to make a part of your dwelling decor. Square in shape it measures 97"x110". It has 100% cotton shell and fill hand quilted with "stitch in the ditch" quilting. In multicolor the quilt can be used to accentuate the bed or adorn walls. Hang it on any plain wall and it is sure to become the center of attraction in your dwelling. You can also use it as a floor mat for sitting purposes. If you wish to hide the imperfections of a tabletop you can use this quilt. It will indeed make it look adorable in every way. Guests too will appreciate this quilt and will wish to own a similar one for their house. So when are you planning to bring home this scalloped king quit?

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