• Beautiful Roman Small Ceramic Canister by IMAX

Beautiful Roman Small Ceramic Canister by IMAX

$35.49 $39.75 ( 11% off )


  • Dimensions: 13.00 H x 6.00 W x 6.00
  • Beautiful design
  • Made from quality materials

The smaller version of the Roman Ceramic Canister: this is a canister that can be readily accessible to you because it is not too big. It can be picked easily and moved around with ease. With a great design, this canister is sure to add interest to the look and feel of the decor. Made using quality ceramic, it will last in good condition for ages. It features in a blue design, a square shaped body that has a lid. With lovely pattern all around, it is sure to steal the spotlight. You can use this canister in the kitchen to store various items. Or it can be perfect for keeping the sweets and chocolates that your young ones love. Indeed, its smaller size and its cut up look will make it appealing to everyone. It can also be gifted on special occasions. So donot wait about: get this unique canister today and see it make a difference.

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