• Benzara 41921 Marvelous Glass Bowl

Benzara 41921 Marvelous Glass Bowl

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If you thought bowls do not come in designer look then you must have got a pleasant shock looking at this. This glass bowl is a designer bowl, which is beautiful to be a part of range of home interiors. The color and creation make this bowl different from the usual ones. The intricate traditional design on this bowl is amazing. The wavy edges offer an elegant touch to it. This bowl is perfect for serving and decoration. For presentation, this bowl is just the right thing you need. This bowl will be perfect for holding fruits from kitchen; or place it on a side table in the living room. You could also serve guests in it.

You could also gift this bowl to near ones on any occasion. This bowl can be used as charger plate too. So why wait? Get this cool bowl today that will cut across every type of decor and look magnificent amongst them all!

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