• Benzara 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust With Decor Sense

Benzara 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust With Decor Sense

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When you select any item to support or to enhance the decoration of your house, you judge the suitability of selected product with different perspectives. However, a look over 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust, a floor decor item, may ease down your task considerably. Buddha statue in house is considered the symbol of happiness and prosperity. 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust is beautifully sculptured table decor item made of quality Polystone. It comes in 23 inch wide x 47 Inch high size. It presents the Buddha bust in royal dress that shows the simplicity he used to believe in. The carving is so fine and in such a style that 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust seems a handmade decor item with live like appearance. The dark brown color over the Buddha structure makes it real antique and precious. You feel blessed with its presence in your rooms. Because of being a decor item of universally recognized theme, it has become popular as a gift item also. The people, who want to be trend setters, use 44215 Polystone Buddha Bust at the entrance of house to impress the visitors with their decor sense.

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