• Benzara 46291 Funky Resin Spiked Orb Decor

Benzara 46291 Funky Resin Spiked Orb Decor

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Check out this spiked orb decor here which will be a unique inclusion in your home sweet home. Made from good quality resin it is sturdy and long lasting, it will thus be a great companion for your other home decors for years. It is washed in black and has a glossy finish. Keep it on the side table or in one unused corner and it is sure to make that place an entertaining one. You can keep it alone or along with other orbs for a coordinated look. You can also keep it amidst the bushes in your garden for some visual interest.

This orb can be wrapped well and gifted to close ones on special occasions. They will be glad to own it and will thank you for the same. It is indeed very easy to maintain if you find this spiked orb useful, bring it home right away!

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