• Benzara 52500 Metal Wall Clock – Buy It To Support Existing decor Appeal

Benzara Metal Wall Clock Unique Aesthetic Appeal

$49.76 $55.74



Spring-driven clocks were designed during 15th century. It is one of the oldest humans made inventions made to consistently measure time intervals shorter than natural units like day, night, lunar month and year. Today, quartz wall clocks share the lion portion of the total wall clocks sale because of their maintenance free nature. The buyers of clocks see them as a metal wall decor piece and that too in accordance to the existing decor. When you land in stores dealing metal wall decor clocks, you come across many models but 52500 Metal Wall Clock has unique aesthetic appeal. 52500 Metal Wall Clock is made of iron frame. The outer round frame is powder coated to give it antique finish as well as to make it protected from environmental and ageing effects. The outer diameter is 23 inch while the clock size is 17 inch. The dial face of Bordeaux clock is decorated with a scenery of rural seat ups. The simplicity of needles makes it more attractive. It is calibrated with bold size letters. Because of being reasonable priced, 52500 Metal Wall Clock has become popular as a round the year gift also.


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