• Benzara 52565 Amazing Metal Table Clock 2 Assorted

Benzara 52565 Amazing Metal Table Clock 2 Assorted

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These classic timepieces will make a statement on tabletops and countertops. Well made from good quality materials, these clocks will stay in prim condition for a long time. One of the clocks is in white hue while the other is in black. The clocks are round and are rested on a flat base. The curved accents on the sides make these table clocks beautiful. One of the clocks features numbers inside the dial while the other has roman numerals. These clocks require 1AA battery. Keep one on the kitchen counter and the other on any side table in the living room or bedroom. These clocks are antique and would be a smart inclusion in your clock collection. Light in weight, you can keep shifting its place according to your need and convenience. Find these clocks worth owning; bring it home as soon as possible.

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