• Benzara 60574 Classic Hurricane with glass Decor

Benzara 60574 Classic Hurricane with glass Decor

$39.94 $44.74




Make a bold statement with this classic hurricane with glass. If you prefer classic over a fancy look then this hurricane is just for you. It is a perfect combination of class and quality. Made from superior quality terracotta, this hurricane with will serve you for years to come. If kept on the table with a candle inside, it will uplift up the mood in the room or fill it with fresh flowers to enhance the beauty of this hurricane.

This hurricane is perfect for several occasions be it family gathering or a romantic dinner with your loved one. This hurricane glass could turn out to be the perfect gift for your friends and family. The strong built and classic design will surely earn some praises for you. So, do not think much and order this classic hurricane glass today and let it iserve you for years to come.

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