• Benzara 60928 Stunning Ceramic Vase

Benzara 60928 Stunning Ceramic Vase

$45.26 $50.70




Are you looking for some unique abstract vase to decor your home or office? Then this abstract vase is just about the right thing you are looking for. This unique vase is made from superior quality porcelain and ceramic, which gives it istrength. Wherever you decide to keep it, it will surely brighten up that place and its surroundings. The awesome color combination on this vase makes it easy to use in different interior themes and with different backgrounds. This awesome vase can be the centre piece of your office table, or coffee table. Light in weight, this vase can easily be moved from places across the house and office according to your need.

Maintaining the charm of this vase is very simple, you just have to clean it damp cloth one in while. You can gift this to your friends and colleagues, who is hare some interest in art works. They surely will praise your taste in art work.

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