• Benzara 63667 Antique Glass Votive Storage Holder

Benzara 63667 Antique Glass Votive Storage Holder

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An ideal decor for your home and office use is this glass votive holder. Made from superior quality glass, this glass votive holder will stay in prim condition for a long time. Light in weight, this glass votive holder can easily be relocated. You can either use it as showpiece in your showcase or you can use it as table top. If kept on your office table, it will certainly lift up the charm of your desk. Since it is crafted from glass; it is advised to handle this glass votive holder with care.

This glass votive holder is also a good option as a gift to your loved ones on special occasion. They will be pleased to receive such a beautiful gift. Maintaining the charm of this glass votive holder is easy, just clean it with cloth one in while and it will be back to its best.

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