• Benzara 66409 Classic Ceramic Temple Jar Interior

Benzara 66409 Classic Ceramic Temple Jar Interior

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If collecting an antique art pieces is your hobby then this classic ceramic temple shaped jar is next thing on your bucket list. This temple jar is washed in silver color and has glossy finishing that makes it look even more attractive. You can either use this jar as stunning showpiece in your showcase or you can use it as table top for your table. Its unique design and glossy finish will never go unnoticed from guests visiting your place. This temple jar could also be considered as good gifting options for your colleagues and friends. Since it is made from good quality porcelain and ceramic, it is light in weight which makes it easy to move around and even to carry with you.

Surprisingly its glossy finish is promised to last for long; all you have to do is just mop it with clean cloth on regular intervals. Liked this jar, hurry and place your order today.

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