• Benzara Abstractly Artistic Ceramic Vase 2 Assorted

Benzara Abstractly Artistic Ceramic Vase 2 Assorted

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  • Product Measures (inches): 3.5x2.5x12; 3x3x12
  • Color: Black
  • Made from quality materials

Now these are vases that are as artistic as vases can possibly get. In two shapes, square and a circle, these vases are tall, slim and hence easily noticeable. Made from quality ceramic, they promise to last in great condition for years to come. In a black color, they have a see through mesh like exterior. You can keep various flowers in this vase with utmost ease. All kinds of flowers will look priceless in them. In fact these vases will look topnotch in a home that has modern themes that have an abstract element to them. Red roses, or white tulips, or even daffodils, all will look priceless. They can also be made into a very wonderful gift for near and dear ones. Maintaining these vases will also be easy: just dust and wipe clean once in a while. Long lasting, they are surely the vases that will turn heads and start conversations.


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