• Benzara Adorably Styled Metal Arrow Bookend Pair

Benzara Adorably Styled Metal Arrow Bookend Pair

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  • Product Measures (inches): 7x4x7
  • Made of quality iron
  • Washed in golden and black hue

Targeting your favorite book now will no more be a tiring task with this pair of adorable arrow bookends. Organizing books being the primary duty of bookends, this pair of arrow shaped bookends will also help you display your book collection and creativity. Made of quality iron which is known for its durability and long life, these bookends are washed in golden and black hue. The bookends feature a flat base and one features the tail of the arrow while the other displays the front potion. An interesting pair of bookend to own, you can hold on top of the bookshelf or above the wall ledge. With these bookends, your books are sure not to lie down scattered all around the room. Guests and friends paying you a visit will surely go wow and admire your choice. If you have friends who are bookworms just like you, you can present them these bookends. It will indeed be a priceless gift to own.

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